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All Events 美都餐室 (Mido Cafe)
mido resturant

美都餐室 (Mido Cafe)

January 15 - December 31



  • 掛牆的手寫餐牌
  • 紙皮石地板及柱位
  • 舊式收銀機及櫃台
  • 傳統入榫木製家具
  • 上世紀燈飾及燈櫃
  • 二樓一列綠色鐵窗
  • 一樓「美都餐室」美術字招牌





mido resturant

Mido Cafe was opened in January 1950, and it still retains the decoration of the 1950s to this day, witnessing the history of Hong Kong. In addition to the ground floor, there is also a second floor lounge that was very common in those days. In the tenement building at No. 63 Temple Street, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, Hong Kong, you can browse the street scenes of Temple Street and Banyan Tree Head. The restaurant was closed due to the new pneumonia epidemic in March 2022, and resumed operations in mid-May, but finally closed in July of the same year, ending its 72-year history.


Handwritten menu on the wall
Papier-mâché floor and pillars
Old-fashioned cash registers and counters
Traditional tenon wooden furniture
Last century lighting and light cabinet
A row of green bars on the second floor
“Mido Room” art signboard on the first floor


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January 15
December 31

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